Asbestos awareness training

Asbestos awareness training is something which all employers need to do who have employees who may undertake work on sites where there is abestos present, whether their own sites or those of clients. The course is particularly aimed at those who may have occasional contact with asbestos such as plumbers, joiners, electricians, cable installers, double-glazing fitters, etc.

Did you know?
Electricians, plumbers and carpenters make up 25% of all asbestos-related deaths even though its not a standard part of their work.

This couse is appropriate for contractors and employers who need to demonsrate an awareness of asbestos risks among their employees for clients such as local authorities or for application to contractor competence schemes.

Asbestos Awareness Training: course outline

  • Aims
    Gives a knowledge of the potential asbestos risks, how it affects health and the precautions needed for working around it.
  • Course duration
    Approximately two to two and a half hours.
  • Suitability
    Suitable for all employees. No writing or reading of text expected.
  • Attendee numbers
    Up to 15 to 20 per course.
  • Handouts
    None included
  • Certificates
    Attendance certificates are included.
  • Prices
    Please contact us for a quote. Discounts available for multiple courses per day.

Asbestos Awareness Training: course content

What asbestos is and where it was commonly used

An introduction explaining what asbestos actually is and where it may be found in domestic and non-domestic premises. Covers the different types of asbestos which were used.

Health effects from asbestos exposures
This module gives a true level of the potential effects of asbestos exposures, starting with how the different forms act in the lungs, how the lung responds to the presence of asbestos fibres and the potential outcomes. This is balanced with a discussion of how the ill health effects change with exposure frequency, with frequent asbestos exposures giving an increased risk of a subsequent health effect.

How to work on or near asbestos
To clarify, this module does not make attendees into asbestos-experts who can work on it all day every day. The focus is on those who may come across asbestos occasionally as a function of their main work, for example joiners, cable installers, plumbers, etc. A walk-through example is used of how to drill asbestos insulating board and also what to do if it is disturbed accidentally.

Review of the content including a verbal question and answer session to gently test the attendees comprehension of the key points.

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