HSMC audiometry testing units

Some photos of HSMC's audiometry units. For customers wondering where to put us on site, the trailers are approximately 5m long and 2.5m wide - think average sized burger van at the side of the road and you're not far off. Vans are the type of long wheelbase Transit vans beloved of bank robbers and getaway drivers so fit backwards into a normal spot but give them the same space as the trailer for the rear doors to open. Normally each job has a single trailer or van, with two being used on the larger ones, (usually where there are 1000+ tests to be done).

Audiometry unit and pickup
HSMC audiometry unit and one of our beloved pickups

Two audiometry units at the seaside
Two of our audiometry units having a day at the seaside.

Audiometry unit waiting area
Waiting area (in the smallest of the trailer units)
Panelling on wall is noise-absorbant linings

Audiometry booth mounted inside one of our trailers
Booth mounted inside one of the mobile audiometry units.
Beige panels on walls and ceiling are acoustic linings

Audiometry Van - interior
Insude of one of the van-based audiometry units

Audiometry Unit Air-Conditioning

Audiometry units are NOT air conditioned. We did experiement with this in the past but the problem is that any aircon unit makes so much noise that it interferes with the hearing test taking place so has to be turned off. This meant the aircon could only be turned on between tests which was never long enough for them to start cooling. Eventually they were removed as they were presenting excess towing weight for very little benefit. On the rare and occasional unusually hot summer day the units, as is common for all these type of things, can get extremely hot but the attendees are only present for around 15 minutes at a time. The audiometry booth has a built-in fan to help circulate the air inside there.

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