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So, who are the good and wise people who avail themselves of our services? HSMC has worked with a range of companies from small five-person enterprises to large multinationals and a small selection of type of organisations HSMC has undertaken work for in the last few years includes:

  • General manufacturing
  • Ship yards and boat builders
  • Welding fabrication shops
  • Individual retail units
  • Foundries
  • Large 'destination' shopping centres
  • Formula 1 teams
  • Cable-laying ships at sea
  • Charities and housing associations
  • Several private estates
  • Logistics companies and warehousing
  • Private mail/post companies
  • Printing
  • Several packaging companies
  • Drinks companies, brewers and distillers
  • Many food companies
  • Colleges and educational establishments
  • Several councils and local government
  • Aircraft parts
  • Hi-tech industries in public and defense sectors
  • Airline suppliers
  • Clothing manufacture
  • Electronics
  • Airports
  • Bars and entertainment venues
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Agriculture

And many more weird and wonderful ones such as seed producers, fire brigades, dog's homes, tyre makers, a YMCA, shotgun cartridge manufacturers, makers of clothing for vicars, bomb testers, newpapers, flour mills, timber mills, a safari park, office complexes, call centres, legal firms, kitchen makers, electro-plating and supermarkets.

Basically, with 500+ clients in all sectors, we cover pretty much any industry of any size anywhere in the UK.

Some nice things

Some nice things clients have said:

Mail Solutions - Audiometry in Telford
"I would just like to thank you, Adam and Kevin for the smooth and successful outcome of the hearing tests. You have been extremely helpful with all our requirements, and have always been prompt with any questions I have had". 
HR Administrator, Mail Solutions

VT Airside Services (Heathrow and Gatwick) - Audiometry for maintenance staff in London
"HSMC has done a great job and has worked extremely hard and very long hours"
Roger Warrender, VT Airside Services HSE Manager

BB Price - audiometry in Halesowen
"Just a few lines to thank you for the excellent professional manner in which the hearing tests were conducted and the quick turn round in the results"

Richco International - Audiometry in Gravesend
"I am really impressed with the whole operation. I'd like to thank you for the great service from you and all your staff; the administration, on site activity, report and follow up have all been excellent, very professional and friendly. I would be very happy to recommend you to anyone. I appreciate companies that really understand what the customer wants and you've got it right".
J. Spragg, Richco International

Battersea Dog's and Cat's Home - Homes for wayward beasties
200+ hearing tests for employees and volunteers
I should like to thank Neil, Kevin and yourself for all the hard work that you have put into this project. Everyone here is very pleased with the process and outcomes. Jackie Walker, Facilities Manager

AG Barr - Scottish makers of the rather fine beverage Irn Bru
"Very good service, would not hesitate in advising others to use your company. No improvement necessary". April 2013 audiometry

Netcomm UK - IT installers and service provider in Cheltenham
Method statements, safety policies and procedures
'The estates guy asked me a question about the digging method statement and was trying to rip it/me to pieces and had to swallow his pride, you could hear him struggling to find something wrong with it!'
Paul Berry, Managing Director, Netcomm UK

Global Marine Solutions - noise assessments on ships at sea in the Channel, Singapore, Indonesia, the USA, Belgium and the Philippines.
"Many thanks, this is excellent. I also spoke to our head office expressing the quality of the report and of course your price and service - I hope this is OK. I will get back to you as soon as the next job is in the pipeline".
Marine Superintendent, Fleet Operations

Emmaus Gloucestershire - Fire risk assessment and Fire Training for this homeless charity in Gloucester
Really good training - we are exceptionally pleased with the down to earth way the training was delivered and the level of interest it maintained in the attendees. We will be using HSMC again.'
Neil Booker, Business Manager , Emmaus Gloucestershire

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