DSE / VDU Competent Person
(Trainer Training)

Get an in-house DSE Assessor and in-house DSE user trainer.

"Liked Adam's enthusiasm and his experience coming though. Made a potentially dry subject very interesting". DSE Competent Person course delivered for Retail Trust, September 2011.

Availability: in-house course on your site only.

Display Screen Equipment - DSE - is a fancy term for computers or other tools which have a display and commonly a keyboard and are present in most workplaces. Sometimes referred to as VDUs, employers need to assess the risks to users and those users require training in its correct use, including the risks which may arise and how they can control them.

This course gives attendees a complete background in office ergonomics, allowing them to undertake both DSE and basic office manual handling assessments and present DSE Awareness or Manual Handling courses to others. Also includes complete 'take away and ready to use' DSE course.

DSE Competent Person (Trainer Training) Course outline

  • Aims
    Training in-house personnel to the level where they can oversee office safety including conducting DSE Risk Assessments, train DSE users and conduct office-based manual handling assessments.
  • Course duration
    About six hours
  • Suitability
    Suitable for all employees. No previous health and safety expertise is neccessary.
  • Handouts
    Includes course notes, DSE Users training course (PowerPoint) and DSE assessment forms.
  • Certificates
    Attendance certificates are included as standard. Course completion certificates on completing the written test.

DSE Competent Person Course content

Potential risks from handling and DSE

Examination of the types of risks which office users face arising from poor ergonomics or posture, repetitive tasks, incorrectly set-up equipment and manual handling. We look at the type of injuries which arise and how they are caused.

DSE Regulations and DSE Risk Assessment
What is required for both employers and DSE users, moving into DSE risk assessments, including practical exercises in completing and anysysing the risk assessmetns.

Manual Handling Regulations and Handling Risk Assessments
What is required for manual handling risk assessment and the basic principles for conducting them. Includes practical exercise. How this impacts on DSE users.

Training others
A review of the level of information needed to train other users and colleagues in office ergonomics, including a review of the courses included for attendees to use as part of this package.

Assessment, review and Q&A
Review of the course, assessment and closing discussions

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