DSE User Training (VDU Training)

Additional no-cost option: DSE / VDU risk assessments

Display Screen Equipment (a fancy term for computers or other tools which have a display and commonly a keyboard, usually abbreviated to DSE, or VDUs - visual display units) are universal in all workplaces and are so ubiquitous they are often considered to be without risk or to have only a trivial risk level, which is unfortunately not borne out in reality. The DSE Regs require all users of such equipment (including computer workstation users) to be trained in their safe use, which HSMC can do for you.

DSE Training / VDU Training for Employees: course outline

  • Aims
    To enable computer workstation users to correctly identify musculo-skeletal risks associated with the use of DSE and to correctly setup workstations to minimise potential problems.
  • Course duration
    Approximately one and a half to two hours.
  • Suitability
    Suitable for all employees. No writing or reading of text expected.
  • Attendee numbers
    Up to 15 to 20 per course.
  • Handouts
    None included
  • Certificates
    Attendance certificates are included.
  • Prices
    Please contact us for a quote. Discounts available for multiple courses per day.

DSE User Training: course content

Introduction to DSE issues

Discussion of the potential problems which can result from incorrectly positioned or used workstations and the type of injury or ill-health which may result.

Setting up a DSE / VDU workstation
A step-by-step run-through of how to avoid the potential problems discussed in the introduction, including desk, keyboard, chair adjustments, monitor positioning, breaks, resting of eyes, etc.

Practical assessment
To ensure attendees fully comprehend the course content, we will assess one or more workstations as part of the course.

Optional - individual DSE / VDU assessments
Attendees can complete a self-assessment of their own workstation as part of the course with the results being discussed in the second part of the course. A summary report will be prepared by HSMC and submitted to the client free of charge as part of the overall package.

Review of the content including a verbal question and answer session to gently test the attendees comprehension of the key points.

Download noise awareness course Download a copy of the DSE user training / VDU traininig course summary

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