Fire Marshal  / Fire Warden Training

Fire Marshal training with use of an extinguisherOur Fire Marshal training (Fire Warden training) is delivered on client's sites and as open public courses around the UK (see below for dates). All courses include practical experience of fire fighting.

Half day Fire Marshal Training / Fire Warden Training

Suitable for anyone who is undertaking the Fire Marshal role in a simpler workplace such as an office, or a production site which has relatively simple fire risks. Such site may be physically large, but have low ignition or spreading risks and are typically contain large storage or low risk areas.

Full day Fire Marshal Training / Fire Warden Training
Suitable for anyone who is undertaking the Fire Marshal role in a very large office or in a production site which has higher fire risks, such as large volume of chemicals present.

Both fire training courses, delivered on client's own sites, aim to give those holding a Fire Marshal or Fire Warden position an appropriate level of knowledge of fire safety, including how it spreads and how they should respond to it. Explains the key risks and basic requirements of the post. Each course covers the same broad syllabus, with the full day going into more detail in each specific areas.

Fire Marshal or Fire Warden?
It's the same thing - all that's different is the name. The two terms are generally used interchangeably with one employer calling them a Fire Marshal and another calling them a Fire Warden. In a few companies, usually with more complex fire risks, there can be a difference, for example Marshal's spring into life during evacuations while Warden's do routine in-house fire inspections, but this is semantic only and the training requirement is the same.

Fire marshal training / fire warden training course outline

  • Aims
    Training in-house personnel to the level where they can fulfil the role of Fire Marshal or Fire Warden within the organisation, including responding in emergencies and undertaking routine fire safety procedures.
  • Course duration
    Half day typically, extending to for more complex sites.
  • Suitability
    Suitable for all employees. No previous health and safety expertise is neccessary.
  • Handouts
    Course notes are included.
  • Certificates
    Attendance certificates are included as standard. Course completion certificates on completing the written test.
  • Prices
    Please contact us for a specific quote for on-site training, or see below for public courses.

Fire Marshal / Fire Warden Training course content

Fire behaviours, spread and development

The fire course opens with a study of fire behaviours including development, spread and containment. The aim of the module is to provide attendees with an understanding of how fire will act and behave, forming the basis for the rest of the course.

Fire identification and extinguishers
Covering the types of fire in the workplace, this module looks at classes of fire, the types of fire extinguisher available, what each extinguisher can do and its limitations. There is then the chance to work out those hooligan tendencies and use the extinguishers by going outside to have a go on the fire simulation equipment. This is not just a quick blast of a CO2 on some burning petrol in a tray, but requires the attendees to correctly aim and move the extinguisher across the fire to put it out, with the equipment being able to simulate Class A (paper, wood, etc. ), Class B (burning liquids) and Class C (gas) fires.

Means of escape
Now attendees have an understanding of fire behaviours, this module looks at what can be done about it including means of escape and work practices that can minimise risk. The disability discrimination act is also covered here with regards to evacuation of people.

Management systems
Management systems tie everything together, including fire drills, training programmes, routine inspections, emergency planning and records. We make sure that the information given here uses the employer's own procedures so the training is directly linked to the Fire Marshals' own experience.

Public Fire Marshal Training Courses

All courses £195.00 per attendee, including lunch.

Location Address
8th October 2014 Harrow, London Best Western Hotel
10th October 2014 Solihull, West Mids Motor Museum Hotel


The fire extinguisher training equipment

Fire awareness training with extinguisherIn the past we've used a tray with a thin layer of burning petrol which was good, but we could do better, so we've invested in an all-singing all-dancing fire simulator. This has a double ring of gas burners with the burn being controlled electronically, depending on how the attendee is using the extinguisher. This is done by electronic wizardry with the equipment being able to tell where the extinguisher is being pointed, for how long, how hard, and whether it is good enough to put the fire out. If attendees get too close it doesn't work meaning remaining at a safe distance is built into the training. There is also a dead-man's switch which the trainer holds ensuring if anyone does get over-enthusiastic and gets too close to the burner, the fire is extinguished immediately, and we really do mean immediately.

So, they get to really work at putting a fire out, in a meaningful way, but it is very safe. And they usually have a great time doing it

Expiration of certificate

To be clear, Fire Marshal training / Fire Warden training does not automatically 'expire' on any set date and it does not have any set duration of validity. A critical component is how often the Marshal/Warden actually uses the training - if they are involved in regular drills and regular reviews of fire safety then there is probably no need to repeat it every year - it should be repeated when there is reason to believe the training is no longer meeting the employer's needs. Some companies do it every year, some every two, some every three, etc. etc. HSMC recommend that Fire Marshal training is done every three years or so, mixed with drills and other sessions.

Companies supplying certificates with set 'expiry' dates are trying to pull the wool over your eyes to make you buy more training!

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