Fire risk assessment

Fire risk assessments are the primary system for controlling fire safety in the workplace. As a result of our experience of completing fire risk assessments in businesses ranging from large hotels, through pubs and farms to factories and offices, HSMC can present you with a detailed fire assessment of your workplace. Our cost-effective non-templated reports are peer-reviewed and will give you a simple but comprehensive assessment of fire risk.

HSMC fire risk assessments include:

  • Ignition sources
    What are the risks present of fire actually starting in your workplace, including electrical hazards, chemical ignition, etc.
  • Fuel sources
    What are the significant fuel sources, what form do they take and do they offer any increased risk.
  • Smoke and fire spread
    What system are in place to control the spread of smoke and fire and if any improvements are needed.
  • People risks
    The people who may occupy premises will be considered to determine if there are any increased risks to or from specific groups.
  • Means of escape
    This section covers number of escape routes, their distance and general condition. Assessment of this section is made with reference to anticipated occupancy, the areas the escape routes pass through, etc.
  • Lighting
    Lighting covers natural and artificial lighting, determining if emergency lighting is required and if so, is it to a satisfactory standard.
  • Signs and communication
    Communication is important for fire safety and signs are a vital part of this. Signs include directional escapes, fire action notices, door signs, etc.
  • Fire detection and alerting
    An assessment is made to determine if automatic fire detection is required, and if so to what general standard. Where alarms are present a general assessment will be made of their installation. (Note: this is not a complete alarm system survey.
  • Fire fighting equipment
    Provision and location of fire extinguishers is important, as is their condition and suitability.
  • Fire safety management
    All fire systems require routine management, including routine tests of emergency lighting and alarms, along with periodic safety inspections, training, drills etc.

A summary of the significant findings is always included in the fire risk assessment report, highlighting the key points which the client should be taking action to mitigate. The significant findings element combines the sections above, identifying areas where, for example, both fuel and ignition risks are high.

HSMC do not sell fire alarm systems, extinguishers, signs, emergency lights, servicing or any other fire equipment. You can therefore be confident that you will receive an honest assessment of the hazards present and be given sensible risk-based advice, with no incentive for us to sell additional equipment.

Fire risk assessment competence

All fire risk assessments are carried out by individuals trained to Institute of Fire Engineers-approved syllabus and all our assessments are reviewed by a member of the Institute of Fire Engineers as a quality-control before sending them out.

A lot of fire risk assessments are yes/no answers to pre-determined checklists or databases, often providing a report which is only somewhat relevant to you your site. We think fully-templated reports are the tool of Satan and do not use them, meaning the assessor will write a report for your site and your site only rather than including what can be at times completely irrelevant information.

Fire risk assessment pricing

HSMC's fire risk assessments have the benefit of the backing of a high-quality health and safety consultancy without the sales incentive of fire equipment supply or service organisations. We price our assessments at what we believe to be excellent value for money - we're far from the most expensive out there although to be honest we're not the cheapest either. We supply well-trained and experienced assessors and invest in them, ensuring the client gets someone who knows what they are talking about. Our prices do vary depending on the complexity of the site to be assessed and therefore we can't give an exact price on here but please just give us a shout and we will get a quote back to you, usually the same day. If the lowest price is the main factor in choosing a supplier we can't compete, but if getting the job done right to a level which gives you the value you need at a reasonable price is the main issue we are the clipboard-wielding adenoid-troubled health and safety types you need.

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