Health and Safety Services

HSMC offers a range of health and safety services including:

Noise assessments

Using only Institute of Acoustics certified assessors, HSMC offers noise risk assessments for industry, providing personal exposures, assessment of hearing protection suitablility and advice on possible noise reduction measures.

Vibration assessments

Regular exposure to vibrating tools has the potential for injury to the soft tissues of exposed personnel. HSMC vibration assessments will identify the levels of vibration to which they are exposed, assess the level of risk and advise on control measures where appropriate.

DSE Assessments / VDU Assessments

Display Screen Equipment (DSE / VDU) is often overlooked but operators face the risk of musculoskeletal problems arising from improper use, unsuitable equipment and prolonged poor posture. The risks are easily controlled and HSMC's DSE assessments will give clear advice on any appropriate control measures. We also have a available for download and offer to train your in-house personnel to become competent in DSE assessment and to go on and manage the DSE risks in your workplace..

With an in-house member of the Institute of Fire Engineers, we can offer for most sectors of industry. As we do not sell alarms, lighting or extinguishers we can guarantee our assessments are fair and free from the risk of any bias, giving the employer clear and simple guidance on the ongoing management of fire risks at work.

Risk Assessments

We also offer general risk assessments, covering CoSHH, manual handling, the workplace and work equipment. All risk assessments include a management summary giving an easy tool for ongoing control of key risks.

CHAS accreditation

We have kind of wandered into this by accident, having been asked by a number of existing clients to help them achieve CHAS accreditation. We will help you put the necessary systems in place and develop the required documentary controls for submission to the powers that be for all things CHAS.

We can undertake the role of safety advisor by providing a set number of days per week, month or even just a handful of days year, working as an in-house specialist for clients, guiding their health and safety programme and helping management protect their employees. Having a safety advisor agreement helps clients ensure they are kept up to date on health and safety issues and have a qualified competent person in place, usually without having to employ a full or part-time person directly.

Safety audits

A health and safety audit can be a valuable tool for a company, providing a 'where are we now' examination of the business, along with a 'what do we need to do next' plan for ongoing control and development of health and safety. Our audits are a mix of compliance, (i.e. a check against legisative requirements) and systems (i.e. what's actually happening in practice) and all audits include a recommended action plan allowing ongoing budgeting for time, personnel and finances.


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