Noise induced hearing loss demo

To help give some understanding of the impact of repeated high noise exposures, we've put a series of pages together which demonstrate the progression of damage to an individual's hearing caused by noise. In all the following audiograms (the chart which is the result of a hearing test), a filter has been applied to the music to mimic the audiogram so that what you hear is matching the graph of the result. You can see this on the image below - on the left is the result of the hearing test, with the dip starting to show towards the higher frequencies and on the right is the filter pattern applied to the music itself.

All the following pages make a noise but turn your speakers up at the beginning - as you progress through them the volumes get lower as the impacts of the hearing loss due to noise take effect. In all the following pages the volume stays the same - we've not adjusted that at all, just applied progressively stronger filters to match the level of hearing loss.

When you open the page, you will see the audiogram and some controls for the music underneath where you can pause, adjust the volume or scroll back to the beginning.


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