HSMC Occupational Health Services

There is a lot of crossover between health and safety and occupational health on some issues and HSMC offers some services which are often classified as Occupational Health alongside its health and safety gubbins. We are audiometry and spirometry specialists but are NOT a general Occy Health provider unfortunately so no FLT medicals, night worker assessments, return to work assessments, etc. although we can point you towards some rather fine people who do these things.

Audiometry (Hearing testing)

Mobile screening audiometry is an extension of a general noise management programme and forms a part of the current noise regs. The screening, which can be carried out easily on any site around the UK, aims to help identify any potential hearing loss issues which may be developing, hopefully before they begin to have a deterimental impact on the individual concerned. Each test takes approximately 15 minutes.

HSMC audiometry offers high value accurate results in purpose built mobile testing studios.

HSMC units are limited to one booth and audiometry technician per unit to ensure the technician is focused on one result at once and to ensure maximum privacy and confidentiality for attendees. For larger audiometry jobs we can supply multiple units if required to allow concurrent testing while still maintaining quality and confidentiality.

Spirometry (Lung function testing)

As Audiometry arises as an extension of the noise regs, Spirometry, commonly known as Lung Function Testing, arises as an extension of the CoSHH regs and covers people who are at risk of respiratory damage from chemical or dust exposures.

We can conduct the spirometry / lung function tests in the same mobile units as detailed above for the audiometry, or can do the tests in any meeting room or spare office.

  • Spirometry : Introduces the lung function testing services
  • Spirometry routine: The spirometry process and what can be expected to happen on the day.
  • Spirometry results: Background information on the results and what an employer will see.

Combined services

Spirometry or audiometry can be carried out either as a specific jobs on their own, (as audiometry commonly is) or in combination with each other.

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