HSMC Prices

It's always the same - you browse th'interweb, find the product or service you are looking for, click on 'prices' to see how much it costs and all you are given is a 'contact us for details' link... Sorry, but we're the same and are suitably ashamed of ourselves. We guarantee sensible competitive prices but the best route is to contact us with an outline of your needs and we will happily provide a costing for the work, usually within a couple of hours.

We try to refrain from posting a standard price list as this can very easily lead us down the road of off-the-shelf packages as oppose to something you really need and which suits your business. For example, a Safety Audit for a company with 2000 employees is a major undertaking and very different from one undertaken for a company with ten employees. Similarly, if you need audiometry for a small number of people and an employee manual handling course, we may be able to do these in one day - if we're on-site you may as well use us.

One thing we can say though is that re-mortgaging your house, selling body parts or getting a part-time job as a drugs mule will not be required to cover our prices. Not all the time anyway.

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