Health and Safety Audits

Auditing is a tool more commonly used across disciplines within industries. Our audit is designed to give you a snapshot of where a business currently stands and direction on where where it needs to go in the future, allowing for detailed resource planning.

If an audit is the yardstick by which an organisation's financial performance is measured,
then the safety audit should be the yardstick by which safety is measured.

HSMC health and safety audits are comprised of two parts:

  • A compliance check to verify performance against applicable legislative standards for the business.
  • A procedural check to see that what is stated as policy is actually happening on the ground.

A typical routine therefore is to commence the audit with a Q&A session covering all the major legislative areas and this is then followed up by a tour of the site. During this, jobs are observed and specific parts highlighted for later follow-up in the 3rd part of the audit - a documentation review. E.g. is a risk assessment in place for a sample of the jobs observed, what is the training records for specific individuals noted, etc.

While talking to employees and managers we also try to get an impression of the buy-in to health and safety within the organisation, looking to assess if they are involved or have a positive view of it, or see it as a negative influence.

Health and Safety Audit Outome

The audit gives you a report which is in effect a stafe-of-play of where you are now.

It gives you a series of recommended improvement actions which are ranked in order of improtance. This ranking is key as the employer needs some sort of prioritisation for the improvement works arsing from the audit, just as they would for risk assessments - its no good trying to do everything at once.

The audit allows the employer to plan an improvement path over the longer term, setting out actions for the current year up to say five years down the line.

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