Health and Safety Training Services

Training is possibly the most important aspect of a health and safety management system, without it employees may not identify risks or may not understand why precautions are being put in place, often resulting in reduced compliance. HSMC offers on-site training at client sites all around the country. All courses are created and developed by experienced professionals who are variously Chartered Members of IOSH (CMIOSH) or members of the Institute of Fire Engineers (TIFireE).

Courses are given below but if a subject you require is not listed here or you are looking for a particular course then please contact us as training is often developed in response to a specific client need.

All our trainers work regularly in their particular field ensuring that they bring a superb depth of knowledge and experience to their courses. For example, our fire trainers regularly conduct fire risk assessments, our noise trainers are routinely involved in workplace hearing tests and noise assessments while our safety rep trainers have themselves been safety reps in the past before specialising in health and safety. Training is not simply a recitation of facts, but an involving exploration of the subject material and with this depth of knowledge and experience, HSMC courses provide excellent value for money.

Health and Safety Training Courses

  • Accident Investigation
    Why accidents must be managed and the benefits of this, how to do an accident investigation and identification of corrective actions.
  • Audiometry Refresher Training
    A one-day refresher course for those who conduct screening audiometry at work. This is offered on client's sites and also as a public audiometry refresher training course at various locations in the UK.
  • Asbestos awareness
    An overview of asbestos risks, where it is found, the health effects and how to minimise risks. Aimed at those who come into contact with asbestos via accidental exposures, such as plumbers, electricians and alarm installers.
  • DSE / VDU User Training
    Setting up workstations, physiological risks user may face and how users can minimise them. Clients also have the option of all attendees doing a DSE assessment of their own workstation as part of the course, giving an easy way of getting these done at the same time as the training.
  • DSE Competent Person
    A course designed for companies looking to train people to conduct in-house DSE assessments and who can also manage and deliver user training. Conducted on your premises, for 1 to 15 attendees.
  • Fire Awareness training
    Training for employees looking at fire behaviours, reducing risks and what emergency actions to take. A practical course including the chance to fight a live fire.
  • Fire Marshal / Fire Warden training
    Fire risks, how fire behaves, emergency actions to take and managing fire risks in the workplace. As with the fire awareness training, includes the chance to fight a live fire. This is delivered on client's sites and also at public fire marshal training courses at various locations in the UK.
  • Manual Handling Training
    For employees, focusing on how the body is damaged and what can be done about it.
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