Why Choose HSMC Audiometry?

Depth of knowledge

Noise risks are split into two main disciplines:

  • Health and Safety:
    i.e. measuring the noise, engineering controls, provision of hearing protection and training, and:
  • Occupational Health:
    which is where audiometry traditionally falls, along with part of the training requirement.

HSMC sit on both sides of this fence and are involved in noise risk assessment, hearing testing and noise training. This depth of knowledge give us an excellent understanding of the effects of noise on an individual and is usually of most use when explaining the audiometry results to the attendees - if we understand noise issues generally we can help relate the results to their life and their work, improving their understanding and hopefully their compliance with noise control programmes.


All HSMC reports are overseen by an in-house member of the Institute of Audiology and all hearing testing is undertaken by technicans who have been through Institute of Audiology approved training. To ensure complete control of  the quality of the audiometry process HSMC do not contract-out our audiometry service, nor do we contract-in audiometry staff to work on our behalf.

High quality audiometry equipment

One recurring problem when you do hearing tests is finding a suitable location in which there is a low enough background noise level to do the work. There are some occasions where clients have a very quiet room in which the audiometry can be done, or even have their own audiometry booth but don't have the staff or the time to use it, while for many the luxury of this internal space is not possible. To help, in all quotes we give clients the option of either using one of our mobile audiometry units if there is no internal place available to do the hearing tests, or conducting the audiometry in an internal room without the unit if a suitable room is present, and in these cases we offer a discounted rate to reflect the lower costs to us in providing the hearng tests.

For every client, we offer the chance to use our mobile audiometry units which have been purpose-made for exactly our work and allow us to conduct hearing tests where there would otherwise be no suitable internal space.

ONE BOOTH PER AUDIOMETRY UNIT: We limit it to one testing booth per unit to maximise privacy and confidentiality and to reduce unwanted noise interfering with ongoing audiometry tests. We also measure noise levels outside the trailer and in the testing booths for each job, ensuring a suitable environment for the tests.

COST: despite the increased investment in the audiometry units to avoid testing in a training or meeting room we can compete on cost with other providers following this system.


HSMC conduct many thousands of hearing tests each year, working for small companies who only need six or seven tests a year through to multi-site or multi-national businesses who need several thousand.

We offer is what we belive is by far the best value for money by doing the job right, with minimal impact on your business, with accurate repeatable results and to a very high standard. You can also choose to combine the audiometry with a noise assessment, lung function testing (spirometry), noise awareness training, etc. to maximise the value.

What we don't do

What we don't do is also important. We don't sell hearing aids so have no potential conflict in selling hearing aids to individuals following their audiometry. We also don't sell hearing protection so have no interest in telling you that you should upgrade your hearing protection and guess what, entirely by chance we can sell you the ones we may recommend. That would be naughty. And we're not naughty.

Also, we do not work on the claims side of the audiometry industry. We get asked several times a month to provide prices for assessing potential noise induced hearing loss for companies trying to find people who can then put a claim in, but we will not work with that side of the business.

We promise to:

Audiometry quotes

Provide a written quote within hours of you contacting us, in most cases the same day.


Provide you with a schedule of test appointments which covers all the employees who need to attend, and if that means testing from 8am to 3am then this is what we will do.

Audiometry Equipment

Use high quality testing equipment and facilities.
For the curious, photographs of the audiometry units.


Take the time to explain all the results to the attendees, ensuring they understand what the hearing tests means for them personally. They also get a copy of their result and written information giving pertinent and helpful background information.


Provide each client with a clear summary report of the testing, including who scored which category of result, along with specific additional information and recommendations for anyone who needs it. We also provide you with the individual result for each and every hearing test.


When re-tests become due we will send you a reminder but we promise, no hard sell or hard push - just a letter or e-mail reminding you that a recommended test is due.

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