Noise awareness training

Noise awareness training is something which all employers who have employees working in areas of over 85dB(A) need to carry out. HSMC offers a short informative session which aims to raise awareness of noise as a risk, increasing employees' knowledge and perception of the risk level as a result and encouraging safer behaviours and correct use of the PPE.

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Noise Awareness Training for Employees: course outline

  • Aims
    Increase awareness of noise risks, demonstrate effects of noise on hearing and improve use of hearing protection. Compliance with the training elements of the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005.
  • Course duration
    Approximately one and a half to two hours.
  • Suitability
    Suitable for all employees. No writing or reading of text expected.
  • Attendee numbers
    Up to 15 to 20 per course.
  • Handouts
    None included
  • Certificates
    Attendance certificates are included.
  • Prices
    Please contact us for a quote. Discounts available for multiple courses per day.

Noise Awareness Training: course content

Physics of noise

A short session on how noise works and how it impacts on the ear

The ear and hearing
Detail of how we hear sounds, the aim being to help attendees understand how the ear physically responds to noise.

Hearing damage
What actually happens to the ear as it begins to be damaged by noise. Includes the potential outcomes such as irreparable noise induced hearing loss (NIHL) and tinnitus, the effects this has on the sufferer and a demonstration of the various stages of hearing loss.
The intention here is to make the attendees aware of the severe yet usually ignored nature of hearing losses due noise and the effect it can have on their life.
This is a very practical element which clearly demonstrates the effects of various types of hearing loss for the attendees.

Controlling exposures and hearing protection
How noise is controlled at work, through the use of physical noise reduction measures and the use of hearing protection. This includes a detailed look at the types of hearing protection available and the correct use of them.
This module aims to provide attendees with the knowledge to ensure that now they are aware of what the effect of loud noises can be they use the hearing protection correctly for the maximum benefit.

Audiometry (optional)
If the training is taking place following a session of audiometry to measure the hearing ability of the employees, a short overview of audiometry can be included to add to the information they will have received in the hearing tests themselves.

Review of the content including a verbal question and answer session to gently test the attendees comprehension of the key points.

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