As far as the website goes, we have no personal information at all about you, other than being able to see you through that webcam you have fitted (please put your trousers back on, it's not pretty from our perspective...!).

As far as the data we hold from actually doing the work which pays our bills, we take the privacy and security of that data extremely seriously, are registered with the Information Commissioner's Office, and have a security policy here which you can download and peruse at your leisure.


The only cookies used by HSMC's rather fine and dandy website are those used by Google Analytics to tell us how many people have visited and what pages they looked at. This is important to us as we pay for advertising with the Great Google God so we need to know which pages of our site people look at, and which pages of our site people ignore or only spend seconds on. There is no personal data recorded at all - we don't know who you are or anything about you as it is entirely aggregated data at our end.

As the purpose of a company website is to advertise the business, promote it and let people know we exist and what we do, the cookie which tells us how well we do this is essential to the site's function. Anyone using the site therefore agrees to the use of this cookie.

Just for info, this is the type of anonymous data we get - as you can see, it just tells us stuff like there were 1895 visits in the month, from 1740 different people, looking at 3710 pages, etc:

By the way, should you not like cookies generally, M$'s Internet Explorer and freewheeling hippie type of browser Firefox both have 'do not track' setting which you can apply that stop all cookies everywhere working. There are also add-ons for the browsers which give you complete control over cookies. The new kid on the block of Google Chrome doesn't have a do not track option yet, but there are add-ons for that as well which can kill all cookies generally. With all of them, be aware that killing all cookies will break the way a lot of websites work.

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