Vibration risk assessments

Hand arm vibration | whole body vibration risk assessments

The Control of Vibration Regulations 2005 require employers to assess the risks employees may face from vibration, be it hand-arm vibration or whole-body - i.e. conduct a risk assessment for the vibration hazards employees face. The Vibration Regulations give specific limits which must not be exceeded and require employers to take action to control the risks where neecessary,

The regulations give two limits, an Exposure Action Value (EAV) and an Exposure Limit Value (ELV). In a nutshell, the action value is a level at which the employer needs to take action to control the risk, and the limit value (which is the higher of the two) is an absolute limit which may not be exceeded. The action values are now law and apply to all workplaces but there is an ongoing transition period for the upper limit value where equipment in place before July 2007 has until July 2010 to comply.

HSMC vibration risk assessments provide:

  • A measurement of the risk exployees face for hand-arm vibration.
  • Where appropriate, an assessment of the risk employees face for whole body vibration.
  • Comparison of these results against the applicable EAV and ELVs.
  • Recommendations for ways to reduce vibration risks where needed or where possible.

Our reports are split into sections - a short management summary of the key findings and recommendations which can be circulated as needed, and a secondary more detailed section which goes into the key vibration measurement results and detail of control measure recommendations.

Associated vibration  services

Vibration awareness training HSMC can offer employee vibration awareness training.

HSMC does not sell equipment which may be used as a control measure or personal protective equipment (PPE) therefore you can be assured that our assessments have no bias towards selling other products.

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